A Legacy of Quality Since 1920

The Air-Way Corporation in Toledo, Ohio originated many "firsts" in the early days of the vacuum cleaner industry. Air-Way invented and patented the first disposable paper dust bag for vacuum cleaners. Air-Way also created the first 2-motor upright vacuum as well as the first "power nozzle" vacuum cleaner. Air-Way also was first to use a seal on the dirt bag and first to use a HEPA filter on a vacuum cleaner.

Although Air-Way originally manufactured upright vacuum cleaners, in 1937 the first Air-Way canister vacuum was introduced and they were the mainstay of the product line for the next 60 years. As a testament to the quality of the Air-Way line, many of the old models are still running today!

Now, the Air-Way Sanitizor Corporation in Cincinnati, Ohio strives to carry on the tradition of quality and innovative products. A new central vacuum line was launched in 2009 and a line of high quality floor care products was introduced in 2010. The new Restora line has products for fine hardwood floors and stone or laminate floors, and the new Air-Way Altera Cansiter Vacuum marks Air-Ways triumphant return to the consumer vacuum market.

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